Coiled Tubing
Tucker Energy Services provides not just a coiled tubing service, but a coiled tubing engineering  service. We provide the client pre-job and post-job analysis in an effort to continuously improve our service and results for our customers. Our Cerberus simulation will be engineered to provide the customer with the most exact details: fluids, friction coefficient, weight on bit and hydraulics. We make sure that the customer has our pipe fatigue analysis before and after servicing the well. With 27 years and more of CT operational experience, TES has been extremely successful in all applications of coiled tubing.

Services Provided:

  • Millouts
  • Cleanouts
  • TCP Conveyed
  • PLT Conveyed
  • Sand Perforating
  • Plug/Packer Setting
  • Thru Tubing Gravel Pack
  • Fishing
  • Squeeze/Plug Cementing
  • BHP Conveyed
  • Nitrogen Offloads 
  • Acid Stimulation

 Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of these services.
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