Completion Services

Gravel packing was first done by Tucker Energy Services in the 1940s. Improved seal bore packers, quality sand and new techniques were introduced in the early 1970s for wells offshore Trinidad, which have extremely fine unconsolidated formation sands, and where sand control is known to be difficult.

TES has pumping equipment specifically designed for sand control applications, including high horsepower pumps for high-rate gravel packing and frac packing. Economical tools and pumping equipment are also available; these are typically used on land completions in Venezuela and Colombia.
Completion Services provided by TES include:
•Engineering Services
•Wellbore Preparation
•Completion Equipment
•Sand Control Services

Our production tool product line, permanent and retrievable packers and flow control tools are utilized in hostile environments, including corrosive, thermal and high pressure conditions. In addition, TES  provides all of the engineering software and services required to support proper design and installation.


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