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Tucker Treating Chemicals (TTC) is a division of Tucker Energy Services Limited (TESL) and has been providing production chemicals and services in Trinidad since 1982. Technical services and support are provided by “Clariant Oil Services,” a global provider of related production chemicals.
The TTC Division is headquartered in Chaguaramas, Trinidad Warehouse has a covered area of 14,400 sq ft The TTC laboratory is managed under the TESL Quality Management System and is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  In-House Blending Facility.

Onsite Training Session.


Stainless Steel (550 gals) Tote Tanks and DNV 2.7-1 certified crago carrying units (CCUs).

 Transport provided to customer location using TES Fleet of trucks.

 Customers include : 

  • BHP Billiton
  • BPTT
  • Petrotrin
  • Schlumberger
  • E.O.G Resources
  • Shell
  • Methanex
  • Atlantic LNG
  • Perenco
  • Apache


 Services Available in...




Our Product Lines & Services include:
Corrosion Management Microbiological Control
Scale Management Water Treatment
Crude Oil Dehydration Chemical Management Services
Gas Hydrate Control Hydrate Inhibitors
Foam Control Wax / Asphaltene Control
Relative Permeability Modifiers Acid Flow back Neutralization
Supply of Chemical Injection Equipment H2S Scavenging
Supply of Well Test Chemicals Installation & Retrieval of Corrosion Coupons
The TTC Production Chemicals Laboratory

Our Laboratory Services Include:
Wax Analysis Produce Water Sampling
Basic Sediment and Water (BS&W) Reid Vapor Pressure
Total Oil & Grease Conductivity
pH Calcium
Sulphate Reducing Bacteria and Biocide Effectiveness (SRB) Asphaltene Testing
Total Disolve Solids (TDS) Alkalinity
Demulsifier Evaluation Fouling Index
Corrosion Analysis Conducting Corrosion Coupon Test in Field Application
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Preparing, Cleaning and Evaluating Corrosion Test Specimens
Hydrogen Sulphide Solids
Determination of Amine Corrosion Inhibitors in Aqueous Solution Foam
Blending and QC & QA of Finished Products Sulphite
Chemical Appearance Test Chloride Testing
Chemical Product Stability Test Iron
Emulsification  Tendency Test for Corrosion Inhibitor Salt
Specific Gravity Carbonate and Bicarbonate
Wellhead and Flowline Sampling Salinity
Gas Sampling Examination and Evaluating of Pitting Corrosion
Residual Corrosion Inhibitor
The Chaguaramas laboratory by design retains 100% of oily waste which is subsequently bio-remediated by a certified and approved local company. It was designed with the concept of 100% containment of oily and chemical waste.
Oily-water and chemical waste is transferred into the 125 bbl oily waste storage tank.
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