​​​Cementing Services 

Tucker Energy Services was started in 1939 when the company's founder, Alvin Tucker, formed Trinidad Oilfield Services and commenced operations with two steam powered cementing units. Major expansions have included Colombia in 1979 and Venezuela in 1990. Over the years TES has developed a wealth of experience in successful primary and remedial cementing under many conditions, including extensive offshore work, thermal wells and deep hot completions, including 22,000 foot liner jobs in Venezuela.   

To support proper slurry design utilizing TES' complete line of cement additives, state-of-the-art API cement laboratories have been built in each district. Each of these labs have quality control systems installed to continuously monitor the quality of additives, cements and mix waters before they are actually used on the job. Complete testing of all preflushes and spacers are performed to API and customer specifications to ensure efficient and effective mud removal on every cement job. The use of CEMPRO and CEM-JOB simulators and the Rapidlogger monitoring system ensures properly engineered design, execution and evaluation of all cement jobs.
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