A Success Story


Tucker Energy Services - Wireline provides safe and innovative means of completing rigless intervention work on offshore platforms.

By employing the use of support beams, cross members and workable pads to rig up over the wells, provide a secondary platform for the load distribution. The entire set up works in a similar manner a tender rig is loaded onto a platform and hydraulic rams are also available for skidding the package between wells. 

This has been extremely useful in utilizing multiple services such as Coil tubing and Pumping services and the secondary platform can support ancillary equipment such as CT reels, tanks and pumps. With the use of the Wireline Mast, this eliminates the need for platform cranes during conveyance.

open hole


Example Well offshore East Coast Trinidad was completed between 2013 and 2015 . All production from the field is routed to the Platform located 11km away from the field. The original completion was found to have a hole in the open hole sand control screen which resulted in the later side tracking of the well. The gravel pack in ST-01 was also found to be sand eroded, a thru-tubing bridge was installed inside the screen to isolate the eroded hole. The well was subsequently opened to production to the host for ~19 days before being shut in due to excessive sand production.


Main Objectives (Cased Hole Wireline Phase):

  • Perform permanent zonal isolation of the D and E sands per MEI approved permit.
  • Spot a surface cement plug within 1,000 ft of the mudline.
  • Set 4.24” Premium Bridge Plug @ 7280’ MD on Electric line.
  • Cut 5-1/2” Tubing with Premium Jet Cutter on Electric line

Prior to performing the Cased hole phase, a Tucker Slickline drift run was done for depth verification.  The drift was unable to get past the SCSSV and A decision was made to shear the slickline weak point, leaving the tool-string in the well.

After several failed attempts by the client to regain control of the SCSSV, consultations were held, and the client agreed to run a Flapper Tripper or Hold Open Sleeve.

This integration of the Flapper Tripper with Electric line runs were unique, using it as a sleeve over the E-Line tool string we were able to move past the SCSSV and successfully set the plug.  The same was done for the jet cutter.

The integration of both Tucker Electric Line and Slickline Services saved the Client valuable rig time and allowed the task to be completed on time.