Coiled TubingTucker Energy Services Coiled Tubing Division; a coiled tubing engineering service

Tucker Energy Services provides not just a coiled tubing service, but a coiled tubing engineering  service. We provide the client pre-job and post-job analysis in an effort to continuously improve our service and results for our customers. Our Cerberus simulations are engineered to provide the customer with the most exact details: fluids, friction coefficient, weight on bit and hydraulics. We make sure that the customer has our pipe fatigue analysis before and after servicing the well. With 27 years and more of CT operational experience, Tucker Energy Services has been extremely successful in all applications of coiled tubing.


Products and Services 

  • Sand/debris jetting and CTCO using nitrogen, foam and/ or gelled water
  • Unloading liquid filled wellbores using nitrogen
  • Coiled tubing installation, hang-offs and removal of velocity string, scab liners and screens
  • Milling, drilling out, and under reaming of consolidated fill and cement
  • Stimulation through coiled tubing including pumping of both HCL and HF
  • Setting and removal of downhole devices, packers and other tools
  • Manipulation of sliding sleeves or other downhole devices
  • CT Fishing operations:
  • Perforating, logging, and cementing