Drilling Tools

Torque MachineTucker Drilling Services (TDS) - a division of Tucker Energy Services Ltd. - has been servicing the Petroleum Exploration and Production sector for more than 25 years in Trinidad. Through our association with one of the majors in this area, TDS provides a full range of Coring Services, Directional / Steerable Motors, Hydraulic Drilling Jars, Hole Openers, Stabilizers and Reamers.

TDS provides full engineering and software support services including:

  • Selection of steerable assemblies
  • Drill string design for Hydraulic Jar Placement
  • Well profile projections for deviated wells
  • Horizontal well planning
  • Torque Machine


Services Available

An assortment of coring bits, associated coring equipment and full technical support is available for the planning and development of a diverse range of coring operations. Various sizes of Hydraulic Drilling jars are available. Full engineering capability for positioning of jars in various Drilling Assemblies where the jars would be most effective supports this product line.

We also provide a wide range of navigational steerable mud motors. These motors are supplied with rig site adjustable bent housing for all types of steerable applications. A full range of Nortrack and String Stabilizers, Monel and Pony Collars as well as various sizes of Reamers and Shock Tools are available for Drilling and Directional application. 

Various sizes of directional fixed Devil Drill Hole openers complete with circulating bull nose are available for rental to Drilling and Directional entities. All our tools are repaired and serviced by fully trained and experienced personnel utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to.