Tucker Energy Services Limited offers a complete line of Slickline services that range from production logging, fishing, bailing, perforating, caliper surveys, BHP surveys and downhole fluid samples.

These services can be performed both on land and offshore with highly portable skid units.  We are able to supply equipment based on clients specifications in terms of Pressures, ID’s and services required.  Our surface equipment comes in various sizes as to accommodate with platform and rig space availability.  Our equipment are Zone II classified, Serviced and Maintained as per Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications.


Services Offered

  • Setting/Retrieving Temporary Blanking Plug/Check Valve
  • Shifting Sliding Sleeves
  • Sand Bailing
  • Sand Dumping
  • Paraffin Scraping
  • Fishing
  • Swabbing
  • Set/Retrieve Sub Control Sub Surface Safety Valve Insert
  • Lock out Sub Control Sub Surface Safety Valve
  • Setting/Retrieving Gas Lift Valve
  • Gauge Ring/Tag Fill/Sample Bailer


Additional Services

  • Kinley Services
  • Kinley Caliper Surveys
  • Memory Conveyed Production Logging Tool
  • Memory Conveyed Mini Logging Tool
  • Slickline Conveyed Memory Camera
  • Slickline Memory Saturation Logging
  • Setting/Retrieving Retrievable Bridge Plugs
  • Setting Magna Range Bridge Plugs
  • Tubing Punch /Cuts using Smart Blaster