Delivering timely and accurate   open hole     answers to all of your                Formation Evaluation problems

Open Hole (OH) forms one out of the many multi- service business units (BU) within the Tucker Energy Services (TES) group based in Trinidad. They are parented by the Wireline Division primarily working for land based operators at present.

With over 30 year’s experience, Tucker Energy Services delivers timely and accurate answers to all of your Formation Evaluation problems. Boasting safe and efficient wellsite Operations, we are at the forefront in the provision of High Quality Conventional Open Hole log data.

Used in combination with our latest INTEGRA acquisition system, our ‘Triple Combo’ tool string measures as one of the shortest in the industry, thereby reducing the amount of ‘rathole’ to be drilled, saving valuable rig time and overall cost.

Supported by our Data Processing Centre and using industry- best software, our in- house Log Analysts are always ready and available to address problematic scenarios that prevent you from realizing the true potential of your reservoir.


Products and Services

  • Open Hole Logging
  • Diagnostics - FE