Wide range of nitrogen and pipeline services for Upstream and Downstream operations

Tucker Energy Services Limited provides a full range of chemical cleaning services, hydrostatic, Nitrogen and helium leak testing, pipeline pre-commissioning, production facility commissioning and decommissioning services to

the pipeline industry both for upstream and downstream operations. Upstream facilities include offshore drilling and production facilities with downstream facilities inclusive of oil/gas processing terminals, ammonia plants, methanol plants and other petro-chemical industries.


Products and Services

Process Services

  •  Chemical cleaning
  •  High pressure jetting
  •  Hot oil flushing
  •  System inerting
  •  System purging
  •  Helium leak testing
  •  Topside decommissioning/abandonment
  •  Process system decontamination
  •  Nitrogen services

Pipeline Services

  •  Flooding, cleaning, gauging
  •  Hydrostatic testing
  •  Decommissioning and abandonment
  •  Dewatering
  •  Methanol/glycol drying
  •  Drying and conditioning
  •  Gel and mechanical pigging
  •  Nitrogen inerting and packing
  •  Chemical cleaning
  •  Frontend Engineering
  •  Vessel Cleaning

Project Highlights