CasedHoleProviding state-of-the-art Mud Logging (Surface Logging) Services for both Onshore and Offshore 

Drilling of wells can be an expensive operation if not planned and executed properly by paying attention to miniscule details and monitoring the process. Our goal is to optimize the well cost by reducing/removing any NPT associated with the drilling process and mitigate unscheduled events. Tucker Energy Services provides a state-of-the-art Mud Logging (Surface Logging Services) to our customers who are drilling wells Onshore and Offshore. Our Data Acquisition Software (Origin) provides our customers with optimum drilling parameters for monitoring the drilling process in addition to Geological evaluation services. This coupled with our very experienced personnel will ensure the parameters are measured and displayed leading to optimization of the drilling process and consequently the well cost. All the data acquired can be easily transmitted to customer approved personnel via web on our secured cloud servers. Customers have all required data for decision making realtime, at their finger tips. Driven by our Business Management Systems and with the support of validation and performance throughout the job cycle, we conduct analyses designed to mitigate operational risks and improve our service quality and reliability to our customers. Although the Surface Logging Services is new to TESL, we partner with suppliers with over 40 years of Mud Logging operational experience and field personnel with over 10 years’ experience in local market. TESL has been extremely successful in all operations since we started in January 2023.

Products and Services

  • Mudlogging – Standard and Advanced Mud Logging Services.
  • XRF Geochemistry – can be done onsite and well as in a Laboratory.
  • Chemostratigraphy - can be done onsite and well as in a Laboratory.
  • XRD & Pyrolysis - can be done onsite and well as in a Laboratory.
  • Consulting – provide Operations and Wellsite Geological services at the office or wellsite respectively.
  • Pore Pressure – can be done pre-well, realtime and post well evaluations.
  • Biostratigraphy - can be done onsite and well as in a Laboratory.