CasedHoleCased Hole logging, perforating, pipe recovery and production logging

Our cased hole trucks and skid units are rugged multipurpose units which can perform cased hole logging, perforating, pipe recovery and production logging services. All units are equipped with advanced surface instrumentation. TES also provides the service of wireline mast skid units with high pressure control equipment.

With our people’s experience and our equipment’s compliance to the most stringent safety measures and regulations, we provide Cased Hole Services that take a tactical approach to your well problems. Our cased hole services allow operators to explore complex secondary recovery options and obtain data for critical decision making through the life of the well.

Client satisfaction is our most important business objective. We focus on providing strategic, cost effective and suitable solutions, using innovative ideas and technology.  We are driven to give high quality Technical & Engineering solutions while adhering to all Environmental criteria. 

With pride and a keen sense of responsibility, our team aims to meet and exceed all our Client Goals and expectations.

Products and Services

Resistivity Tools:

  • Phased Dual Induction Resistivity
  • Microlog/Micro-Resistivity

Nuclear Logging

  • Compensated Neutron
  • Lithology Density/PE
  • Spectral and Bulk Gamma Ray Measurement

Acoustic Logging

  • Borehole Compensated Sonic

Borehole Seismic Services

  • Checkshots
  • Vertical Seismic Profile


  • 6 Arm Dipmeter
  • Enhanced Resistivity Micro-Imager


  • Percussion Sidewall Core Samples
  • Formation Tester

Auxiliary Tools

  • 4 Arm XY Caliper
  • Temperature/Mud Resistivity
  • Wellbore Orientation Tool

Post-Acquisition Log Analysis

  • Shaly Sand
  • Complex Lithology
  • Quick look

Data Processing

  • Quick-look Evaluation
  • Multi-mineral Dipmeter
  • PAN Systems
  • PLATO Analysis
  • PETCOM Analysis

Cased Hole Logging

  • Tubular Evaluation Services
  • Gamma Ray Tool
  • Neutron Logging Tool
  • Radial Bond Tool
  • Reservoir Saturation Services (Alliance with Precision Drilling)

Pipe Recovery Services

  • Magna-Fit (Free Point Indicating Tool)
  • Spring Fit (Free Point Indicating Tool)
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Logging
  • String Shot Back-off
  • Roll Shot
  • Chemical Cutters
  • Jet Cutters
  • Coil Tubing Chemical Cutters
  • Pipe Severing Tool
  • Split Shot

Perforating services

  • Perforating
  • Planning
  • Program
  • Casing Guns
  • Through Tubing Perforating
  • High Density Perforating
  • Select Fire System
  • Through Tubing
  • Bridge Plug
  • Bridge Plug/Packer Setting
  • High Pressure Control System

Video Logging

  • Downhole Video Camera
  • Gravel Pack Tool


Project Highlights