CasedHoleFocusing on delivering the highest level of performance to your projects 

Our Drilling and Completions Fluid Services are at the forefront of the drilling and completions fluids market locally and within the region. Our mission is to focus on delivering the highest level of performance to your projects.  This approach will bring benefits in the areas of:

  • SUSTAINED, HSE performance and quality assurance in leveraging lessons learned in similar projects to reduce risks;
  • RELIABLE, effective logistical support (for example, essential continuous fluid supply, uninterrupted supply of services and products throughout the project life cycle);
  • TEAMWORK - knowledgeable, dedicated personnel for drilling & completion fluids, solids control & waste management and filtration;

Field-proven systems to optimize reservoir productivity and drilling performance in your field and strategically located laboratories with advanced testing capabilities with special emphasis on the reservoir;

Laboratory support is a key element in supporting the operations and our fluids and state of the art laboratory in Trinidad will play an important role in confirming fluid formulation, properties and mitigating potential issues in real time.

We are well resourced to address any logistic challenges that your project may present through our vast experience in Trinidad and within the region. We are structured to meet the challenge and provide assurance of uninterrupted supply in our services and fluid systems. Dock and Plant facilities at our Chaguaramas and Cronstadt Island Service Centres are well matched to the high-volume demand for fluids including WBM, NAF, RDIF, Barite and Brine.