Cementing1We provide innovative Slurry designs using State of the art laboratories

The primary objective of the Tucker Energy Services Cementing Business Unit is to achieve zonal isolation for the life of the well. This is accomplished by creating a cement sheath which bonds, protects and supports the casing. To support this, the Cementing Business Unit provides customized solutions utilizing a wealth of experience from engineering to job execution. This can be demonstrated from our proven track history of success with both local and foreign operators.

Cementing Equipment


Some of our major success projects to date have been:

  • bpTT – Kapok, Coconut, Ibis Deep, Mango, Cashima, Cannonball, Savonette, Serrette, Immortelle, Juniper
  • British Gas – ECMA, NCMA, Hibiscus, Poinsettia 
  • EOG Resources – Toucan, Osprey, Oilbird, Parula, Sercan, Banyan
  • Shell Trinidad – Starfish Infill Development (SID), Dolphin Extension Campaign (DEC)

Since 2010, we have been providing cementing and completion services for Staatsolie National Oil Company for land, swamp and offshore operations. 




Products and Services

  • Casing Cement Jobs
    • Surface Casing
    • Intermediate Casing
    • Production Casing
  • Liner Cement Jobs
  • Tieback Liner Cement Jobs
  • Multistage Cementing
  • Grouting (Top-up cementing)
  • Cementing Plugs (Abandonment & KOP)
  • Hesitation Squeeze Cementing
  • Bradenhead Squeeze Cementing;
  • Cementing Specialized Systems
  • Cement Packer (Coiled Tubing Cementing)
  • Cementing Laboratory Design Centre
  • Cementing Bulk Plant Facility (Pressurized & Vacuum Type Systems)
  • Cementing Design Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Aids Installation Services

Project Highlights