We perform logging, pyrotechnic and well completion services to suit Operator requirements

Wireline Special Services performs logging, pyrotechnic and well completion services to suit Operator requirements, utilizing conveyance on slickline, eline, coiled tubing or jointed pipe, providing maximum operational flexibility.

  • BHP and High-Speed Perforating Gauge Service
  • High Expansion Gauge Hanger Service
  • Memory Control Dump Bailer Service (Cement, Acid, Brine)
  • Memory Fire Control Service (Plug, Packer, Perforation, Pipe Recovery)
  • V-0 Retrievable Bridge Plug and Straddle Systems, Casing Patch
  • High Deviation Rollerized Strings (80+ deg)
  • Convertible Individual Logging Tool Service (Complete Sondex Catalog)
  • Downhole Camera
  • Multifinger Caliper and Magnetic Thickness Tool
  • Array Production Logging
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection Logging
  • Strategic Emergent Technology Partnerships
    • Downhole Annular Barrier Systems (Well Integrity and Water Shutoff)
    • Fiber Optic and Wireless Smart Completion Products
    • Memory Gravel Pack Logging