Perforate and Stimulate on one run

Our perforating and stimulation system allows us to run our perforating guns with Stim Sleeves in one run so that the formation can be perforated and simulated simultaneously.

In this system, a simulation was done using the Owen’s Pulse frac Program. It was determined that we could achieve up to 15ft fractures horizontally and 7.5ft fractures vertically upon completion of the well. 

Using Owen Oil Tools Perforating system with Stim gun technology the following completion was deployed:

•    4.5” HSD guns loaded with Super deep penetrating charges @ 12 spf
•    36ft of 51/8” Stim sleeves across the perforating zone which will generate 10K psi of frac pressure upon completion and frac lengths of over 15ft 
•    Mechanical Firing head
•    Ported under balance Sub
•    Mechanical dual grip packer 
•    Sliding Sleeve
•    Radioactive marker
•    Completion string to surface 

The job was completed by dropping a bar to activate the mechanical firing head, which in turn activated the gun system, detonated the guns, creating 30”- 40” of penetration into the formation, the detonation activated the Stim sleeves which burned and generated over 10K psi and fractured the formation upon completion. This completion design reduced near wellbore damage, increase permeability/porosity and in turn productivity of the well.