Tubing Punch on Coiled Tubing

Our perforating systems on Coiled Tubing provided by “Owen Oil Tools” supplies efficient and reliable down hole perforating equipment. This system was used because the client did not want to deploy two different services, Coiled Tubing and Wireline, this was not a cost effective and efficient way to complete the well. 

Our team deployed the 1 9/16” RTG guns system with a 1 11/16” Pressure Activated Coiled Tubing Firing Head, connected to a 1 ½” Coiled tubing

•    1 9/16” RTG guns @ 6 spf with deep penetrating charges
•    Pressure Activated Coiled Tubing Firing head 
•    1 ½” Coiled tubing to surface 

Pressure was applied to the system which activated the firing head and detonated the gun system. The client was able to circulate the well through the tubing/casing annulus and complete the job.